Book Fairs and Conferences

Our school year is coming to a close. It has gone by so fast. The book store is busy and a lot is happening. We have been invited to many book fairs nationwide. I wanted to take this time to help you prepare for the large book fairs in your state.

With the school year ending, now is the time to evaluate the past year. What worked, what did not, where to make changes, and did I do enough or was it overkill? Do you have any learning gaps that will need worked on this year? Now is also a great time to look at each child’s learning style. Did I use the right curriculum? Do I have any items put away already for this coming year? Take a look at those items and evaluate them now.

Do some research on the books that are interesting. The internet is a great way to do this. Ask around to find out what the strengths and weakness of the program were for others. And remember if it is one person’s strength or weakness, it may not be yours. Also, stop by your local home school stores to get a look see.

Now you will have an idea of what to look for at the book fairs. Most are large in size and can be overwhelming if we do not set goals before we go. Write those goals down and make a list of items you will need or want to take a look at. What questions would you like to ask the vendor? Don’t forget most of these conferences last a few days and you don’t have to see it all the first day. Remember, you don’t ever have to buy anything..

Goal setting is the greatest step to complete to have a great time at the book fair.

It is a great time to take in a few conference speakers. Pick a few that will meet your needs for this year. It is impossible to listen to each one, and if you did, you would be on overload. Don’t forget every program is for a specific group of people. What works for one does not always for the others. Do what works for you.

Set a budget. Get with your husband and take it to the Lord. This will help to avoid impulse buying. You may save on shipping and handling, but when you get home you may never use the book. Make sure what you buy fits your needs that way you will be excited to teach from it. Prioritize your list. What are the items of most importance to come home with?

You could spend a full day(s) at the book fair and plan for such. Make plans for the kids: sign your children up for events at the fair, network with friends, find a sitter, pack lunches. Make sure everyone has on good walking shoes. Pack a pen or pencil for notes and phone numbers of new contacts.

Lastly, take a deep breath. You have done a lot of work to get this far. Pat yourself on the back. You will be far ahead of those that don’t plan. Enjoy.

Thanks to all those that make these events possible.