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Iowa Test of Basic Skills (ITBS) This is a top-rated nationally standardized achievement test designed to evaluate thinking skills. This test takes less time to administer than the Stanford and permits a wider grade range of students to be tested at the same time. This test is considered to be among the most difficult tests. Grades 3-8 may be tested together; grades 9-12 may be tested together. Qualifications for test administration: a 4-year baccalaureate degree in any field. Directions for administration are supplied at no additional cost. Tests are supplied and returned to suppliers for scoring. Tests are given orally through grade 2.

Stanford Achievement Test (SAT) Not to be confused with the Scholastic Aptitude Test (also SAT). A top-rated nationally standardized test for K-12. Listening skills are included for K - 8th grade. The test administrator must have a baccalaureate degree in any field, plus meet additional test administering guidelines. The publisher of this test has strict guidelines that must be followed when testing any relative. The test supplier can supply you with specifics before ordering the test. Qualifications for test administrators and directions for administration must be purchased.

California Achievement Test (CAT) This test is popular among Christian schools and home schools because it contains more traditional values than other tests listed. Parents administer the test and send it back to be scored and returned. You must request percentile scoring and /or stanine results or you will only receive raw scores and grade equivalents. This test is intended for grades 2 - 12.

California Achievement Test (CAT/5) This test is an updated version of the CAT. For grades K-12; tests reading, language, spelling, mathematics, study skills, science and social studies.

Comprehensive Test of Basic Skills (CTBS) The CTBS tests all academic areas including reading, language arts, spelling, math, science, social studies and reference skills for grades 1 - 12. With the CTBS scores, you receive a professional critique.

Personalized Achievement Summary System (PASS) The states of Alaska, New York, and North Carolina have officially approved the PASS Test for purposes of state reporting. Testing results show overall achievement as well as performance in each subject. The test is standardized and children's scores are compared with both national and home-schooling populations. Because of the inherent stress of testing and our informal approach to teaching lower elementary grades, the PASS Test is available for only Grades 3 through 8.


Piedmont Education Services, owned and operated by veteran homeschoolers and former FHE leaders Greg and Bonnie Munger. For more information call 336-924-2494 in Pfafftown, or visit their website at

Phyllis Babcock is coordinating group Stanford Achievement testing in early May. Call 922-2556 or

Lynn Hogan is certified to administer the IOWA Basic and TIPS tests. Rates are reasonable depending on how many days needed. Testing can be done in my home in W-S or yours. Call 336-661-7220

Donna Turner does end of year testing for individuals and groups. Contact her at

National Standardized Testing Resources:

ATC Educational Services 1-919-266-2228

Bayside School Services 1-800-723-3057 Bayside offers the best do-it-yourself standardized achievement tests, available all year. They give you original publisher materials plus genuine CTB scoring reports and include free practice exercises for all grades (K-6 for the CAT/5) where available.

Brewer Testing Services 1-336-699-3997

Bob Jones University Press 1-800-845-5731 Iowa and Stanford achievement tests. Test materials are mailed to the qualified tester and must be returned for scoring within 50 days of receipt.

Christian Liberty 1-847-259-8736 then click Independent Services to order online. The test is the 1970 version of the CAT for grades 2-12. You have an indefinite amount of time to get it done, as long as you mail it back within a year.

Crosspointe Educational Services 1-919-577-1238

Diane Allen & Associates Educational Services 1-919-552-4001

ED-CORE Educational Services 1-336-723-3100

Family Learning Organization 1-800-405-8378, When you order a CAT you will receive the test booklet, the answer form and complete instructions. You have two weeks to administer and return the tests. We will score the answer form and send you a report for each test. This scoring process may take from 3 to 8 weeks, depending on volume of orders being received.

Hewett Educational Resources 1-360-835-8708 Offers the The PASS Test was developed specifically for home school parents to administer at home and it is untimed. You have four weeks after receiving the testing material in which to administer the test. We offer discounted rates for groups of ten or more tests.

Lighthouse Educational Resources 1-919-302-5786

Seton School 1-540-636-9990 Offers CAT-E Survey Tests, K-12, to administer at home, at your convenience.

Southeast Education Associates 1-276-496-7777

Thurbers 1-919-967-5282, Rents The California Achievement Test.

Triangle Education Assessments 1-919-274-7495
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